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The pages in this gallery will take some time to download as we wish to accurately represent the works.

Actual works are approximately 20" x 16" (51cm x 40.5cm)

All paintings are available for purchase, limited edition Giclee Prints are also available.

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Page One:

Stilleben Nr 3 (Still Life Number 3)

Das Zusammentreffen (The Encounter)

Die Erleuchtung (Satori)( The Enlightenment)

Ave Regina Celorum (Hail Queen of Heaven)



Page Two:

Nessuno Consoce II Segreto (No on Knows the Secret)

Pieta E Virtu Tedesca (Piety is a German Virtue)

Vsetecka-Naseweis (Nosy Little Kitten)

Die Rheinische Legende( The Rheinland Legend)


Page Three:

Die Wache (The Watch)

Rex Thules (King of Tule)

House in Slovenia I

Liebestraum II (Dream of Love Number 2)


Page Four:

La Mort Et Le Cardinal (Death and the Cardinal)

Die Legende Der Zwei Kavalleristen

(The Legend of the Two Cavalrymen)

Liebestraum (Dream of Love)

House in Slovenia - Nr 2


Page Five:

Der Tod Und Bischof (Death and the Bishop)

House in Moravia - Nr 1

Die Legende Der Zwei Jager

(The Legend of the Two Infantrymen)

Carita E Virtu Tedesca (Charity is a German Virtue)


Page Six:

Infrantry Officer (Civil War Triptych)

R.E. Lee (Civil War Triptych Center)

Artilleryman (Civil War Triptych)

Page Seven:

Remembrance of Places Past III

Remembrance of Places Past VII

Remembrance of Places Past VIII

Miracoli de la Tecnologia Tedesca

(Miracles of German Technology)


Page Eight:

En Garde II

Landscape with Thebes

The Martyrdom of Unidentified Saint



Page Nine

Samuro Come Bailando (Vultures Eat While Dancing)

El Libertador (The Liberator)

Gloria Bravo Pueblo (Glory to the Brave Nation)



Page Ten

The Casey Hotel

Remembrance of Places Past VI

L'Histoire de ma Vie (The Story of My Life)

Les Fruits Malhereux (The Unhappy Fruit)



Page Eleven

Die Schlesische Legende (The Silesien Legend)

The Road to Nagyvarod

Dream of Conquest

Remembrance of Places Past IV