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The pages in this gallery will take some time to download as we wish to accurately represent the works.

Actual works are approximately 20" x 16" (51cm x 40.5cm)

All paintings are available for purchase, limited edition Giclee Prints are also available.

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Page Twelve:

Stilleben Nr 5 (Stillife Number 5)

Heisse Katze nr 1 (Hot Cat Number 1)

Oh Where Oh Where has my Master Gone?




Page Thirteen:

Die Westfalische Legende (Westfalien Legend)

Canzona Nr 2

Stilleben Nr 1 (Stillife Number 1)


Page Fourteen:

Mucednictvi Svateho Bartolomeje

(The Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew)

El Silencio (The Silence - Square in Caracas)

L'Histoire de Noel (The Story of Christmas)

Remembrance of Places Past V (Apartment in the Ghetto)


Page Fifteen:

Hierosolyma Nova (New Jerusalem)

Heisse Katze Nr 7 (Hot Cat Number 7)




Page Sixteen:

New Jerusalem Nr 2


Remembrance of Places Past X (Kolin Square)

Page Seventeen:

Stilleben Nr 6 (Stillife Number 6)

First Virginia Cavalry

Imperator Rudolfus Secundus Divinus

(Emperor Rudolph 2nd Divine)

Der Landsknecht (The Soldier of Fortune)


Page Eighteen:

El Milagro de Fuego Verde (Miracle of the Green Fire)

Regina Mundi (Queen of the World)



Page Nineteen:

House in New Jerusalem

Heisse Katze Nr 2 (Hot Cat Number 2)

Die Pommersche Legende (Pommeranian Legend)




Page Twenty:

Remembrance of Places Past II

(U Melounu - Melounu's House)

Der Bose Fasel (Evil Monster)

Three Little Girls


Page Twenty-One:

Untitled 24x20

Triumph of Death